make improvements, not excuses

Learn to prepare, perform and recover better In your sport and exercise.

make improvements, not excuses

Learn to prepare, perform and recover better with the Sport yogi


Themed Sessions from flexibility to strength

boost recovery from training and competition

relieve tension and tightness

a Cooler head

LEARN to regulate emotions under stress

Calm your mind with practical meditations

tools to use in moments of stress and pressure

less injuries, More game time

strengthen the body with new movements

Improve flexibility and range of motion in muscles & joints

great for your REcovery AFTER exercise

more in your performance

create consistent habits and performance

perform with less aches and pains

recover efficiently leaving you ready to go for next time

Simple & Practical

A platform that’s designed for your schedule

simple to understand instructions

Use anywhere, anytime for busy schedules


Works on all devices


Simple instructions


cancel anytime

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EXPErienced guidance from a former Pro Athlete now Trainer, Coach, Yoga Teacher & Mentor.

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