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sport mentoring



Maximise your goals

stay accountable

develop a resilient mindset

further your physical training

harness stress and anxiety

establish life away from sport

work with


Unlock physical potential

Creating a structured plan, learning techniques for preparing, performing and recovering to maximise your physical development

Emotional Control

Techniques to manage your response to pressurised situations in your sport and life

Leadership Development

Developing leadership qualities that allow you to lead not only yourself but others around you

Off field Support Network

Exclusive access to professional advice, experience and guidance away from your sporting environment

Stronger Mindset

Establishing a strong resilient mindset that transfers from your sport to everyday life, helping maximise achieving your goals and aspirations

Harness Stress

Methods to manage overall stress within your life, physically and mentally. taking control of your physical and mental wellbeing to stay clear and focused


“Working with Lewis has been an amazing experience, his inputs have been most essential to my preparation for the Olympic qualification period.

Any athlete would be super lucky to benefit from his knowledge in terms of sport & goal specific workout programs, recovery and mindset, his personal experience, warm personality, holistic approach to sport and life in general. Follow ups and his passion for what he does makes the mentoring sessions even more unique!”

Sanjana Santosh

Badminton, Team India

“I’ve learn’t a lot from following things like your stretches and using it to better my recovery”

Jack Bell

Fencing, Team GB

“He was so energised from the session and was on top of the world!”



How it works


Apply to be mentored


book in first session


weekly catch up 


review, plan, execute


sport mentoring


TRy online classes?


What's the application process?

Simply fill out an application with your name and email address and Lewis will look to get in touch with a quick video call to find out more about your needs.

How often do I meet with lewis?

Most sessions happen weekly. Unless there to be a certain circumstance to which to session timings are changed.

How am I involved as a parent?

You are giving your athlete the opportunity to personally get to know Lewis and take ownership in their journey. Join your athlete in the intro call with Lewis, though the regular meetings are for Lewis + Athlete, only. Should questions or concerns arise, you can contact Lewis via email.

I'm not local what do i do?

No problem. All you need is an internet connection and Lewis will set up an online video chat for the sessions. It’s that easy.


This program is for those at any level. Lewis Has worked with beginners all the way up to professionals & olympic athletes


Yes. Lewis offers payments to be paid over an organised period of time. Helping pay the cost off slowly.

Lewis' credentials

Apart from many years within professional sport and his own passion for sport and people development

Lewis’ value come from his own personal experiences. From all the highs and lows of professional sport, to physical and mental health issues to navigating life away from sport.

Lewis is a qualified Cricket Coach, PT (Level 3), Yoga Teacher (200HR), Performance Breathwork Coach (XPT)

Also covered in First Aid, Child Protection (UK & Australia)