Having been a professional athlete and seen the benefits of having a well rounded approach to my physical and mental training has allowed me to navigate through challenging times.

Having taken an approach to my professional career by working hard to achieve my goals, it left my body in a place that was continuously getting injured through training methods that were focusing on a strategy of working harder, faster, higher. Resulting in a body that was dealing in injury on a regular basis.

It took these consistent injuries to drive me to find new practices such as yoga. Whereby I was able to open up my tight body and fell into the understanding that my body was tighter than it had ever been. 

Why didn’t I do this sooner?

I wanted the benefits of the movement practice that yoga brought but I held the view that it was for hippies or white women in tight leggings. I was neither. I wanted the benefits of the practices but didn’t want to spiritual side of it to be thrown on me. Therefore after my career ended, I looked to learn these principles, become a yoga teacher, PT and combine all of this with my professional sport experience to create something that was simple, practical and accessible for people.

And so The Sport Yogi was born.

Allowing those to improve their physical and mental health in their own time, own place, own way. Simplifying all the principles and communicating it to users in a way that makes them connect with the practice to improve their performance in sport and life.

After leaving my professional sport in tragic circumstances (injury) it left me realising that I was so thankful for the having learnt how to use practical tools such as breathing and mediation to help calm a rushed mind. Therefore I look to give practical tools to those who are looking to use mediation, breath-work as a means to still the mind, reduce stress and recover.

To also take it one step further and to use these tools under moments of high pressure, which as a high performing athlete are crucial. Whether that be in sport or business or everyday life, being able to use simple effective and practical tools to perform, make decisions under moments of high stress. Not to only create results but to take into everyday life to begin to grow self-awareness as a goal throughout your life. Without self-awareness we cannot know how best to act in situations.


I have broken down my coaching and teaching principles into three main aspects, which can be interpreted in many different ways but allow a simple flowing structure of how to manage your physical and mental health.


How are you preparing yourself for the activity, task or day ahead?

Is it movement based? Could it be using breathing or a more meditative approach? Whatever you need for that particular task, preparing the body and mind is essential to set yourself up to win.

My approach looks at taking the ancient wisdom from areas such as yoga, breath-work, meditation and make them practical and accessible to the everyday person. From office worker to olympic athlete, we can all do with being able to focus under stress, recover our bodies and maintain our physical and mental health that will navigate us through life and allow us to perform at our best.

I believe in giving yourself every chance to perform at the highest level you can.


This could be interpreted into many different areas. Maybe you’re challenging your flexibility by looking to improve your range of motion in a session. Maybe you’re challenging your strength to build a stronger body. Maybe you are challenging your mind by putting it under pressure or emptying your mind of its distractions and thoughts that aren’t serving you well.

Whatever you are challenging are you able to put yourself into a new place, environment to grow or maintain the good work that you are doing. 


The most under estimated and under used element in our lives. But arguably the most important. The amount of athletes that I see that understand at some point in their careers that ‘less is more’. Where they have the eventual understanding going harder, faster, higher, more and more now in society has its toll on us. Whether that is physically or mentally, something will eventually give and can lead us to a non favourable outcome. being able to recover and bring ourselves back to a more rest and digest state where we can relax and ready the body and mind again before we continue onto our next chosen activity.

Why didn’t I start earlier?

Having known of the benefits of yoga for a while. I was hesitant to start due to the fact that it is stereotypically perceived as ‘feminine’ in the west. However, once able to put that aside and begin practicing in order to benefit my athletic performance, recovery and general well being, the changes became noticeable.

Having learn’t through online video and going to classes I was finding what I was looking for hard. I wasn’t connected to the spirituality of yoga yet, but I was interested in how the physical practice could offer me. I soon found I wasn’t alone in feeling like this.

Therefore, after training as a 200HR Registered Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance), I decided to enter the market by taking classes and private sessions where the spiritual element was stripped away and the physical element became the main focus.


Simply put, I want you do be able to Do What You Love, For Longer by improving your performance in sport and life.


Being able to take what I have learn’t throughout my years as a professional athlete, improving my own performance, falling out of the game through injury and combining my teaching as a coach, PT and yoga teacher to give a rounded, holistic approach to performance coaching.

My online platform is where you can access online classes to work on Strength, Flexibility, Breathing, Meditation, Recovery and much more through simple to follow, practical classes that anybody can use.

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You can also see my full story and understand more about me at www.lewishatchett.com

“I wish I had started yoga sooner as professional sportsman”