During my time as a professional cricketer, I was really big on physical fitness, nutrition and skill practice but I was picking up soft tissue injuries far too often (about one every 3 months)….until I took up yoga in 2014.

 I got to the point where I’d had enough and I chose to give yoga a go while on a training camp. I took a mat, grabbed an online video, and went into a corner, did a quick 20 minutes, before rolling the mat up and scurrying away before anyone saw me. ​

 I felt great after, and so did it again the next day, and the next. Eventually I was practicing everyday, undoing the damage that sport and training was doing to my body. I was recovering better, moving better, and performing better. ​

Soon I was taking my yoga mat everywhere, even to away games, find a empty room, hotel conference room, anything to do my yoga, yoga had become an important part of my training schedule. ​

How did I know it was working?

With no change in my training or competition routine, I didn’t get a soft tissue for 18 months (and I have only had one in the past two years).


The list of what adding yoga into my life has done for me could be a long one, so I’ll keep it short.


Having not worked on flexibility at all for a consistent time, my main focus in yoga was to become more flexibile and it worked, I saw results! But I soon quickly found out that there was so much more to come.


I thought that my core was strong through all my training in professional sport, how I was wrong. My core is now the strongest its ever been and continues to improve.


I use to lift weights on a regular basis as a professional athlete. However since I retired I decided to see if my strength would go if I stopped squatting and deadlifting but continued stretching and bodyweight exercise. I went back to the squat rack again about 9 months later. I lifted the exact same weight but to a further range.


My increased flexibility combined with strength work has provided me with mobility. Allowing my joints and muscles to be used much more efficiently at this larger range of motion. Make me much more functional and resistant to injury in sports and anything everyday life may throw at me.


We hold a lot of our tension in our physical body and as my body began to release, so did my mind. I found myself getting less irritated at certain situations. I still do get stressed. But if I do, I have a way of bringing more calm into my life.


DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness) use to be my everyday burden. High intensity training, long competition days, little rest periods. Left my body in a continuous cycle of training-DOMS-training-DOMS. Now I rarely feel sore after high intensity training, or if I do, It doesn’t hang around as long.


Without a change in my diet, my body composition has changed. I have found I am leaner than I’ve ever been. I still train and eat well, however studies showing a reduced level of cortisol (our stress hormone) can help with fat loss, which I know have helped me. 


I’m sure I’m not alone in using the phrase “I can’t meditate, I have too many thoughts in my head”. I could barely sit still for 1 minute, let alone 5, 10, 15! However, after a yoga session, I could find a moment of stillness when my body had relaxed. Now meditation is big part of my daily life.


From posture to sport skills, my yoga practice has given me a huge improvement in my body awareness. I can feel when my body is over compensating in certain areas but when I do any sort of physical movement, I feel far more efficient and in control of my body.

Why didn’t I start earlier?

Having known of the benefits of yoga for a while. I was hesitant to start due to the fact that it is stereotypically perceived as ‘feminine’ in the west. However, once able to put that aside and begin practicing in order to benefit my athletic performance, recovery and general well being, the changes became noticeable.

Having learn’t through online video and going to classes I was finding what I was looking for hard. I wasn’t connected to the spirituality of yoga yet, but I was interested in how the physical practice could offer me. I soon found I wasn’t alone in feeling like this.

Therefore, after training as a 200HR Registered Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance), I decided to enter the market by taking classes and private sessions where the spiritual element was stripped away and the physical element became the main focus. 


Simply put, I want you do be able to Do What You Love, For Longer by improving your performance in sport and life.

And how do I do that?

By creating my online platform where you can access online classes to work on Strength, Flexibility, Breathing, Meditation, Recovery and much more.

It’s like having me there with you in your own home helping you along the way!

You can sign up to your 7 day free trial here

You can also see my full story and understand more about me at www.lewishatchett.com

“I wish I had started yoga sooner as professional sportsman”