Lewis Hatchett


Broken. Injured. Frustrated.

As a porfessinal cricketer, time away from doing what he loved (cricket) due to injury not only meant not being able to play but potentially cost him a living.

Fed up with this, Lewis ‘bit the bullet’ and turned, reluctantly, to yoga. At the time he viewed it as something for hippies and ultra-bendy women but had heard of the benefits for sportspeople and exercise enthusiasts alike.

Taking himself aside to learn in private, he instantly felt better in his body and added the movement practice into his routine. The results spoke for themselves. From getting an injury every 3 months to not one in 18 months.

However, something was missing. The only options online ot practice these valuable practices were for what looked like the uber spiritual yogi and not your rugged sports and exercise lover.

Lewis played 50+ games for Sussex County Cricket Club taking over 100 wickets.

Upon retiring due to a serious back injury, Lewis decided to add to his qualifications as a coach and PT by training as a 200hr yoga teacher. Travelling to Hawaii to practice in the spiritual environment that he once ran from. Learning the principles of yoga practice with the plan to return back home to find a way to re-communicate them the the audience that he understands and loves.

The Sport Yogi was born.

Taking principles from sport, modern day conditioning, mentoring, yoga, breathwork and meditation. Lewis teaches a more holistic approach to sports performance with the goal to improve how you prepare, perform and recover in sport and life.


Being able to ready the body and the mind for the activity that lies ahead to reduce the risk of injury, improve performance as well as cultivate positive habits in your routine.


Utilising tools to harness your best performance possible in activity, training or competition on the day. Improving your ability to handle challenging situations and stressful environments or even daily life more effectively both physically, mentally and emotionally. 


Probably the most important, yet underrated area. Here is where we allow the body and mind to restore and return to a more relaxed state where we can regenerate  for the next session ahead. Whether this be using movement, breath-work, meditation or even reflection on your day. Taking time to recover from your activity is key to ensuring high performance and longevity. 

For Everyone

Lewis believes that if these principles are good enough for elite sports people, then it’s good enough for you. Even if its a small improvement in your life. The sessions and classes Lewis teaches are for those that are looking to better themselves and sustain a higher performance in sport or everyday life, no matter what you do.


Lewis designed The Sport Yogi platofrm for thise who are passionate about their sport and exercise in creating a sustainable body and mind.

In order to do that it was important to be able to have access to simple to follow classes and session that the user can do in their own time, own place.

Therefore The Sport Yogi platform allow users to take these classes anywhere they go with their device, whether it’s at the training groung, gym or own home.

Users can think of the platofrm as a toolbox to use in your sport and life when the circumstances arise.


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